Friday, December 5, 2008

Ethans Birthday #3

We decided to have a "Hero-Princess" Birthday party. It went very well, we had everything from the honored guest, Batman, to a starter on the local football team.

"I'm Batman... but don't run 'cause I can't see well enough to catch you..."

Life doesn't get any better... yeah, I'm Superman, and I have a beautiful princess bottle-feeding me. You got a problem with that?

The dynamic duo! Fighting bad guys on the crime-riddled streets of St. George, Utah!

Happy Halloween!?


Ethan makes a awesome Batman he took the role very seriously.

The boys defending the world against monsters. (Cam's words: See that hideous monster grabbing Zack? Yeah, its my Mom... I wish she would at least wear a costume for Halloween. Just kidding, Mom.)

I'm a jailbird, Cam is the detective who nabbed me (looks like the guys from the Beastie Boys video, don't you think?), Ethan is Batman, and Zack is Superman.