Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween '09

Ethan as a cowboy. Just waiting for us to say "Go!"

Zack as an Indian. The Chief didn't last long though. He got just what he wanted and called it good. This is just some lady's porch in the middle of trick-or-treating.

He stopped and admired every scary monster he came across.

Kayla and Cameron. The Flapper from the 20's, and the Mobster.

Zack and Cameron.

Desi and Bryson. This is Thing 2... Thing 1 is busy running from house to house.

Z and Bryson. I think Dr. Seuss would approve.

Just like taking candy from a baby.

Kayla, Cameron, and Fallyn.

Ethan's Birthday!

BraeLynne, Ethan, and Ashley. The funniest part about the unwrapping was the frenzied, glazed look that Ethan got as he frantically unwrapped one, set it to the side, and grabbed for another. I don't think he really saw much of anything after the Batman figurines.

Olivia and Ethan.

This is Mom's view of Zack demanding to be picked up. Personally, I think its just his ploy to wipe his face on Mom's black shirt.

BraeLynne, Ethan, and Ashley. He pulls this face every time that he is trying not to smile. What a cutie.

Ethan and Ashley. These two cousins are more alike than they yet know. They are both as crazy as their respective parents.

Just Zack