Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Tea Party

What first comes to mind when you hear the following words: Springtime, girls only, tea, crumpets, crouqet, sun dresses, and floppy hats? Of course... a tea party. 

Kayla and Desi coordinated and hosted a tea party that would make Martha Stewart tinkle in her panties.

Here are some of the guests: Mandy Redd (cousin), Desi Zetterquist (co-hostess), Kayla (hostess), Autumn Reid (cousin), Kodye Porter (sister).

This is Fallyn Hatch and Kayla waiting for more tea from the butler (p.s. there was no butler, Cameron refused to do it).

Look at all these great tea-time foods.

Here are some of the guests again (with Shelley Hodge and Tiffanie).

What a beautiful setting! All we need is a few stuffed animals to fill the remaining chairs, and this fantasy-come-true would be complete.

Desi and the only male allowed to attend (Kodye's baby Austin).
Fallyn and Tiffanie looking smashing in their sun dresses.

And here's Fallyn getting thirds... and she still looks great. Don't we just HATE her?!


The Shobes said...

Hey Kayla! I just wanted to say hi! This party looks like so much fun. What a cute idea. I'm not surprised though - you are such a good hostess. I only wish i was inited! :). Zach isso cute. I can't believe he is a year already. Take care!

Travis and Carra Manley said...

Hi Kayla. I have no idea if you will remember me, but we grew up together (My family moved from Kanosh in 1998). Oh sorry it is Carra Roberts well now it is Manley. I have kept in touch with Klaudia (Bond) Colledge, and through her blog I have found so many people that haven't talked to or seen in over 10 years. Here is the address to my families blog and here is my email if you want to chat BTW your boys are so cute.

Rachel said...

I am really sad that I miss such a fabulous party-really I am. That food looks delicious!! It looks like you all had a great time-I love the dresses and hats-I will be there next year!