Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ice Blocking

Yes, we went ice blocking. No, we didn't get chased by a golf course marshal. In fact, I checked before going... ice blocking isn't even illegal! Almost took all the fun out of it.

Golf courses just don't like it 'cause it ruins their grass. So we went to the park.

Even though ice blocking isn't illegal, that's not to say we didn't have a little "run in" with the law... but that's another story...

I happened to look in the dictionary for the definition of the word "hooligan". It reads: " - (hoo'li gen) a hoodlum, esp. a young one. Pl. form hooligans; see figure above." And sure enough, it had the picture of Logan, Haley, Mickell, Brianna, and Keaton behind blocks of ice!

They sure look like they are up to no good, don't they?

Here's Keaton showing how its done.

Torey showing us how fun it can be.

I sure can remember that awkward stage when you aren't sure how you are "supposed" to smile. Can you?

These guys make this look like a cinch. Stylish AND fun.

Look at this princess on double duty! Two frogs at one time makes two princes at one time. How economical.

So if the frogs kiss Mickell, will she turn into a frog? Hmmmm...

I think we may have permanently affected the frog population at the park.

Brianna is the prettiest little girl, isn't she? She just looks beautiful in this picture.